30 MINUTE LOVE (album)

by The Terrorists

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Tracks 1-5 recorded at FIM Studios by Willem Broad and Brandon Rauch on February 2012. Tracks 6-8 recorded at Downtown Rehearsal. Mix & master by Ernest O.

GUITAR: Chris Roach - VOX: Ernest O.
DRUMS: Hiroshi - BASS: Adjustin Myballs


"It's shit. Pure unadulterated shit. But I love it. After drinking myself numb on Wild Turkey, walking naked around the house, there's nothing I love more than to have The Terrorists blasting through my stereo speakers. Except, maybe, ether."
- Raoul Duke, Rolling Stone (Jul 04, 2011)

"Una verguenza para la comunidad latina. Representan la depravacion, celebran el vicio, y viven en la lujuria. Deberian ser fusilados inmediatamente, sin juicio de por medio, y con las balas mas dolorosas que existan."
- Benito Camela, La Opinion (Jul 04, 2011)

"In your face old school punk...."
- Ginger Coyote, Punk Globe Magazine (Aug, 2011)

"Those who love life do not listen to The Terrorists. Nor do they go to the movies, actually. No matter what might be said, access to the artistic universe is more or less entirely the preserve of those who are a little fed up with the world. "
- Michel Houellebecq, Paris Review (May 11, 2011)

"A garagey kind've punk band. The microphone they were using made it sound like they were singing through a 1930's radio. I liked them a lot and I got a really rad cd."
- Wolf Woodcock, Rock N Roll Explosion (Sep 2, 2011)

"I feel the same way about The Terrorists as I do about herpes."
- H.S.T., LA Weekly (May 31, 2011)

"The voice sounds like it was soaked in a vat of lighting fluid, left hanging on a drying rope on a Chinatown balcony for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a scooter. "
- R. Fogwill, LA Record (Jun 10, 2011)

"Heavily indebted to the Ramones and the edgy post-punk pop of the Buzzcocks, Shoot It Up relies on its incisive sneer and buzzsaw guitars to drag itself through seven tracks of nostalgia-driven rebellion."
- Chybucca Sounds (Jun 12, 2011)

"[Ernesto] sounds like Elvis if he was a jerk."
- Marliese (Jul, 2012)

"They [The Terrorists] offend the sensibility of any God-fearing, decent American, and represent everything that is wrong and corrupt about our modern society. Shame on them."
- K. Reeves, Los Angeles Times (Apr 18, 2011)


released April 4, 2012

All songs by Ernest O. except for 30 Minute Love by Ernesto/Cairo.



all rights reserved


The Terrorists Los Angeles, California

Sometime in mid 2011, an argentine expatriate began recruiting mercenaries through Craigslist. By 2012 there were several hundred members, perhaps as many as 2500. Many were Serbian army officers. The professed goal of the group was the creation of a Greater Sound, by use of violence, if necessary. Lately, they trained guerillas and saboteurs, planned political murders, and played wild live shows. ... more

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Track Name: 30 MINUTE LOVE

hey big boy choose for yourself
any little girl in this whorehouse
take her upstairs to your room
the other three or four should be finished up anytime soon

c'mon baby don't be shy
for the next 30 minutes
I'm your guy

well, pay your cash up in advance
don't ever let her get her heart inside your pants
oh little boy don't fall in love
because the money in your wallet's all she's thinkin' of

please clean up before you go
you've done more damage than your little heart possibly could know
don't you know they're all the same
you still don't know if you just played right into her little game

get me down on my knees
and make me confess
cuz god I have sinned

get me back on the road
and show me the light
cuz I’m living in the dark

truth is I don’t feel guilty at all
truth is I wanted to go on
she made me feel that way again
like I could do anything

and all the things we said
it meant nothing at all

I just can’t control myself
I want everything I see
I don’t know when to stop

I don’t like to choose
I don’t wanna choose
I refuse to choose

truth is I don’t feel guilty at all
truth is I wanted to go on

and all the things we said
it meant nothing at all
Track Name: PUT US DOWN

oh girl, my girl
when i wrote you this song
you were just seventeen

now baby, you are a lady
you are all grown up
you are 103

Jesi I met you down at the pawn shop
You were buying yourself
an old revolver
I said, what you need that for?
"To shoot people with, sweetheart"

I changed your mind,
you shouldn't go down all on your own
while we are at it we can have some fun
We said let's rock this town
let's rob this town,
let's rob the next town

we shot her down at Altadena
stripped the bank out of cash,
now they are after us
and we are on the run

they call this chair with electricity
and when i'm gone you'll be missing me
they are gonna put me down
gonna put me down, put me right down

they are gonna put me down
six-feet underground
they are gonna put me down
but you'll still be around
this isn't how we planned
to go

my baby doll likes to be on top
all my friends think she's really hot
I had to tell 'em to stay away, yeah
cuz my baby doll she’s with me

but they don’t listen, they keep hitting on her
I gotta keep an eye on all of them
the minute I turn around and leave her
one of my friends is gonna make his move

my baby doll takes a lot of work
that is something my friends don’t know
she likes to flirt, she likes to fool around
but her biggest problem is her addiction

Shoot it up
My baby doll likes to
Shoot it up

I'm stealing money from my second job
making daily trips to the pawn shop
cuz my baby, she won’t think twice
she'll go downtown to satisfy her vice

Shoot it up
My baby doll likes to
Shoot it up

shoot it up, shoot it down
my baby
she blew every deal in town
late at night
coming home from
yet another fight
did you know
i lost again?
i got no money
to bring home

i'm sorry baby
i never meant
for this to happen
i could have been somebody
instead i'm just a bum

c'mon now give me a break
i know we got bills to pay
im already pulling double shifts
down at the factory

i got a call from the boss today
he says he's betting all his money on me
i better win if i know what's good for me

and my manager says he has found a new kid
who's very promising
and "i'm sorry old pal but i also gotta pay my own bills"
and i know the market wont take our credit anymore

don't worry baby
i know can win this fight
why don't you and the kids
come down tonight?
when's the last time
you saw me fight?

c'mon now give me a break
i know i can win tonight
i've been doing this for so long
i know i can beat this guy
somebody give me a break
i know i can win this fight
i gotta win this fight

baby you don’t know
what I’m doing tonight
it’s gonna be alright
until you realize that you
are not in my plans
I’m sorry girl I
have other things to do

baby you don’t know
what’s on my mind
it’s gonna take you
some time to
hear me out

you are not the one
but you make a good second

girl you don’t know oh oh oh
what I’m thinking of
girl you should know oh oh oh
you should know by now
it isn’t you

you are not the one
but you make a good second
won’t you settle with that?

betrayal on a Thursday night
so predictable it made me laugh
I knew that I was getting fucked
backstabbed by some eunuch rats
I knew it was a matter of time
tiki boy needs the spotlight

Backstabbing, yeah yeah yeah

Bite the hand, bite the hand that feeds you
you get upset cause I don’t really need you
you know it can happen to you
backstabbed by some eunuch fools
you know you can’t stand the pressure
to have sex first you need an erection

little did I know
you were so desperate to prove
you can do it too
try no to embarrass yourself
too much will you?

Backstabbing of the worst kind
Backstabbing by eunuch scum
Track Name: RICH KID TRAGEDY - demo

the possibility of the chance
that you don't like me anymore
does funny things to my soul
it stirs my heart and it breaks my balls

well it's about time somebody hints to you
how abismal it is the distance between your
self-image and reality

you are just a rich kid
and that's all you'll ever be
what a tragedy
the rich kid can't fool me

you are not exotic
nor witty, nor french
people don't see you
that way

you are not well spoken
nor handsome nor tall
people don't see you
that way

and the cheap apartment
where you live
will never be a part of you
as long as that rich boy
breathes inside of you

the rich kid can't fool anyone